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Grand Harbour Building C – Krueger

The Grand Harbour Building C is an existing high-rise condo building in downtown Toronto with an existing Make Up air unit located inside an extremely tight mechanical room on the top floor of the building.

We worked with a design-build contractor to find a feasible solution to replace the existing MUA with a new one while working in a small space.

Due to the small space and working in an existing older building, there were many challenges we had to overcome. The unit needed to be delivered up the elevator to the mechanical penthouse, and each section of the unit was required to pass through multiple 33” wide doors before reaching its destination.

The location of the MUA is also very tight, so we needed to make sure the unit’s overall length and width did not exceed the limitations we had. This required several design iterations and site visits to ensure we got it right.

Our solution: (Krueger AHU)

We really needed to work with both the selection program and the Krueger engineering support team for this one.

The fan section was the biggest challenge. The initial selection started with a single direct drive supply plenum fan. However, this wasn’t feasible as the dimensions exceeded the door width along the entry path.  Working with Krueger’s application engineering team, we were able to revise the fan section to a dual plenum fan arrangement.  This modification, in addition to relocating the VFD, resulted in achieving the desired section dimensions.

Overall, this was a fun project to show off our skills in meeting challenges and helping this condo building upgrade its MUA unit.


Replaced an existing MUA while working with space constraints

Project Details:

  • Client: Grand Harbour Building C
  • Manufacturer: Krueger
  • Date: 2022


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