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In a recent undertaking, our team faced a distinctive hurdle – designing an air handler that could be shipped in sections and be able to pass through a standard man door. Once delivered, the sections would then need to be reassembled within the confines of an existing mechanical room.

The Solution:

In tackling this unique challenge, we turned to Pace Air Handling, recognizing their expertise in manufacturing modular air handling equipment. By tailoring the dimensions and adopting a modular strategy, we ensured that each section of the indoor energy recovery unit, complete with an enthalpy wheel, could be transported efficiently and reconstructed seamlessly.

Collaboration with Engineers:

The journey began with close collaboration with the project engineers. Understanding the spatial constraints and requirements, we worked together to create a customized layout, carefully planning the dimensions of each section. This step was crucial to guarantee that the unit could smoothly navigate through the building.

Manufacturing Process:

With the detailed plans, the manufacturing phase kicked off. Each section of the air handler was crafted based on the customized specifications. The precision and attention to detail during this stage were critical to the success of the project.

Installation Success:

The final stage involved the installation, a task expertly handled by the contractor. With the sections of the air handler in place, the contractor executed a flawless installation, bringing the project to fruition. The success of this intricate process highlighted the importance of collaboration between engineering, design, and execution teams.

  • Contractor: Rozell
  • Engineer: DEI Consulting Engineers
  • Manufacturer: PACE Air Handling
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