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Folkway Music

Folkway Music specializes in vintage and unique guitar sales and service. The original store was established in 1999 and was located in Guelph, Ontario. In 2012, a second store was opened in Waterloo to provide more floor space for an expanded guitar showroom. Eventually the entire Folkway operation moved to Waterloo.

To protect the store’s luthier-built instruments, Folkway turned to O’Dell to provide a reliable humidification solution.

The Challenge

The delicate guitars at Folkway are of great value, with pieces dating back to the early 1900s and one-of-a-kind custom guitars in the showroom.

When owner Mark Stutman opened the first store, he understood the impact humidity can have on these classic instruments. Stable humidity control is paramount to maintaining the structural integrity, playability and beautiful sound of an acoustic guitar.

The O’Dell Solution

After consulting with Folkway, O’Dell recommended Nortec’s NHRS resistive-element humidifier to maintain humidity levels of 45-50% RH, which is optimal for acoustic guitars.

Initially, the humidifier was equipped with a scale control option to address the poor water conditions within the tri-city area. Later on, a reverse osmosis system was installed, effectively eliminating humidifier maintenance.

When Folkway Music expanded and then ultimately relocated to Waterloo, the Nortec humidifier from O’Dell was the natural solution to deliver consistent and stable humidity control.


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