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Meaford Long Term Care Home

The Meaford long-term care home is a new facility near Collingwood, Ontario, which features 77 beds and 24-hour nursing and personal care. O’Dell Associates worked with the mechanical contractor on the project, McKenzie Mechanical, to supply roof top ERV’s and a ventilation kitchen system.

For the roof top ERV’s we recommended (5) Valent Roof Top ERV’s with packaged heating and cooling, and BACnet controls integration. With condition control so critical for an LTC we made sure to include features with our units that could provide the building with the best performance. The packaged DX cooling system was supplied with hot gas reheat for dehumidification control and low sound ECM condenser fans. The gas heating system featured a 16:1 turndown to accurately control heating output.

Due to the large facility and large kitchen, they also required a high-efficiency demand control ventilation kitchen system. This system included: SpringAir Dynaflow kitchen hood, exhaust fan, MUA, and TruFlow control panel. The Dynaflow kitchen hood reduces energy costs by generating an air curtain with specific airflow rates based on the cooking appliances used to reduce exhaust and MUA rate required. It also includes a comfort tuning dial which allows cooking staff to control how much fresh air is directed at them versus into the space. The TruFlow control panel monitors appliance usage and modulates the exhaust and make-up air accordingly in unison to maximize energy efficiency.


At O’Dell, we have helped in many new constructions of LTC homes, along with retrofitting older facilities, and we understand what it takes to make residents comfortable. Contact us to learn more about how we can help in your next project.

Project Details:

  • Client: Meaford Long Term Care Home
  • Contractor: McKenzie Mechanical
  • Engineer: M.A. Bryan Engineering
  • Manufacturer: Valent & SpringAir
  • Date: 2022


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