Celebrating 35 Years in Business!

O’Dell Associates was founded in 1987 by Chuck O’Dell with three goals in mind: fair and consistent pricing, exceptional customer service and a commitment to make every project a success.

Today, O’Dell has grown to encompass six locations throughout Ontario: Burlington, Waterloo, London, Mississauga, Barrie & Ottawa.

Company Timeline


Chuck O’Dell and his wife Nancy open the doors of C.W. O’Dell Associates on Feb 1st. Operations begin out of their house in Carlisle, Ontario.

Chuck hits the road with Nortec & Dectron.


SpringAir is added to the line card.


Penn Ventilation becomes partners with O’Dell.


Operations move to a house in Kilbride, Ontario, which includes a detached garage of approximately 400 square feet of warehousing.


First BEELINE newsletter is launched with a winter edition.

Chuck starts O’Dell’s Christmas honey gift tradition.

Jack Fitzmaurice partners with Chuck O’Dell.

O’Dell holds its first Conference (Tech-Spec 03′).


Tamco appoints O’Dell as a representative (July).

ICE Manufacturing team up with O’Dell (August).


Association with Ventex Inc. begins (March).


Scott O’Dell partners with Chuck O’Dell and Jack Fitzmaurice.


C.W. O’Dell outgrows the Kilbride house and moves operations to new 3,700 square-foot facility at 1038 Cooke Blvd, Burlington, ON (July). This brings warehousing capacity up to 1,300 square feet.

Reflecting the growth of the business, C.W. O’Dell changes its name to O’Dell Associates.


CET gas monitoring systems hits the market with O’Dell.

O’Dell enters into air distribution market (September).


Company founders Chuck and Nancy O’Dell retire (Jan 31st).


O’Dell expands warehousing capacity again, adding an additional 3,700 square feet at the Burlington location (March). With the additional warehousing capacity, O’Dell begins stocking belt drive fans and launches its fan shop.


Nathan Martin partners with Scott O’Dell and Jack Fitzmaurice (February 1st).

O’Dell Associates celebrate their 20th anniversary with a conference held at the Royal Botanical Gardens (May 10th).

A satellite office opens in Waterloo to provide O’Dell’s existing customer base in this territory with a local contact (August 1st). The facility provides an additional 2,700 square feet of warehousing.

O’Dell expands their territory west to include Stratford, London, Windsor and Sarnia (September 4th).


Jack Fitzmaurice retires (February 1st).


O’Dell opens London office to support customers there as well as in Sarnia, Windsor and surrounding areas (November 1st). This facility provides an additional 2,500 square feet of warehousing.


Mike Lett joins the team in order to expand O’Dell’s services into the GTA (February 1st).


Mike Piluk and Mike Lett each become O’Dell partners (February 1st).

O’Dell opens Mississauga office to support customers in the GTA (May 1st).

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