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Staybridge Suites Port Elgin- Valent

Staybridge Suites is opening a brand-new hotel in Port Elgin, allowing out-of-town workers looking for long-term stays with more home comforts. With the hotel breaking ground in mid-2021, they needed outdoor air units.


O’Dell Associates was able to provide a cost-savings package that was below the owner’s budget. The majority of the cost savings came from the two (2) main rooftop ERV’s which were 6,800 cfm each with gas heating and DX cooling.

Cost savings back to the owner was $175,000.00

Not only were we able to meet every note and specification from the schedule we were also able to exceed many performances, including the following:


Comparison Valent Specified
Total Weight for 2 Units 14,500 lbs 32,000 lbs
Total HP 26 HP 40 HP
Compressor Type Inverter Scroll Fully Modulating Digital Scroll 4- Stage
Winter LAT off of ERV wheel 32 deg F 23 deg F
Summer LAT off of ERV Wheel 79.2 deg F 83.3 deg F



The biggest difference in performances, however, had to do with sound. This was a real concern for the engineer, and we had to ensure that we met all sound requirements given. The specified unit was known for being aa noisy belt-driven centrifugal AF fans and had standard motors on their staged condenser fans. Because of this, the unit was specified with a sound-attenuating vibration curb as well as silencers on the supply and return ducts in the building. However, by utilizing Valent’s plenum fans on the supply and return air and adding an EC motor option to the low sound condenser fans, the need for the sound attenuating curb and silencers were no longer required.


This project shows how working with a team that is knowledgeable can save your project time and money. Contact us to find out how Valent can work for you.


$175,000 Cost Savings
Eliminate costly sound attenuation
35% Reduction in motor HP
Enhanced Energy Recovery

Project Details:

  • Client: Staybridge Suites Port Elgin
  • Contractor: Neelands Refrigeration
  • Manufacturer: Valent
  • Date: 2022


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