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Laboratory Centre for Disease Control

As part of the larger Government “Energy Savings & Acquisition Program” There was an open spec mechanical tender issued by BGIS and the federal government with the design done by FVB energy.  This tender was for a complete overhaul of all the steam systems within the Laboratory Centre for Disease Control: Biologics and Genetic Therapies Branch, located at 100 Eglantine drive in Ottawa Ontario.

The front of an installed SKS humidifier

The building was being switched from relying on a central heating plant, to a locally generated system. There was a specific need for high pressure steam for multiple systems within the building. As such, large steam boilers were installed.  These boilers were then paired with Neptronic SKS (steam-to-steam) Humidifiers to produce clean steam for humidifying the spaces in the laboratory while offering significant energy savings over gas or electric humidification.

Multiple experiments and the storage of critical materials & biological samples require tight control over the humidity level within each space. Neptronic was able to provide significant benefit to the lab though the use of their on-board controls.  Neptronic controls provide accurate and responsive adjustment to the 100% OA MUA’s feeding the laboratory spaces.

As the building continues on-going renovations to their controls systems, such a robust on-board controller for each humidifier allows the various systems to remain in operation while others undergo further renovations.

There were also issues of condensation within the AHU’s from the original humidification system. Excess moisture in the AHU can wreak havoc on the longevity of the unit.  With Neptronic’s excellent Multi-Steam dispersion manifolds, we were able to achieve absorption distances of less than 12” and ensure the inside of the AHU will remain dry and happy for the remainder of it’s life cycle.

We were invited by our customer to review the scope of work and provide the most effective solution possible.

The Solution

We worked closely with FVB Energy during the post tender stage to provide the best units possible.  Together we underwent several psychometric reviews of their system and we’re able to downsize several humidifiers from the original design, saving both energy and up-front cost.

Multi-steam manifold installed

Steam to steam humidification systems capitalize on the buildings existing requirements for high-pressure steam, utilizing the latent heat in that system to generate additional steam. This process maximizes energy use and reduces operational costs in the long run.

The steam generated through this method is inherently sterile, making it ideal for laboratories where maintaining a sterile environment is paramount. It eliminates the risk of introducing contaminants into sensitive experiments or research samples.

Our team at O’Dell worked very closely with the existing building management team to refresh the control systems for each humidifier. After issues with the existing BAS control system, we were able offload the PID loop control of the humidifiers to the on-board controller fitted to each SKS humidifier.  We offered expert on-site guidance for retrofitting additional Neptronic sensors to their systems. The Neptronic Controllers were able to offer consistent, predictable and stable humidity control for the critical spaces.

  • Contractor: McNolty Mechanical
  • Engineer: FVB Energy
  • Manufacturer: Neptronic SKS Humidifiers
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