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Enhancing Learning Spaces: LG VRF Systems at Local Schools

Bringing cooling comfort to classrooms is just the beginning for LG VRF in local schools. These systems excel not only at cooling but also at delivering heat efficiently, outperforming outdated traditional systems.

Efficiency in Cooling and Heating

LG VRF systems are revolutionizing learning environments. Beyond effective cooling, these systems are capable to supply heat at low ambient temperatures with considerably low energy input, making them a more effective and efficient heat source in heating season vs. the existing outdated heating systems. VRF systems are also an excellent solution to support the path to decarbonization.

On-Site Progress Assurance

O’Dell regularly performs site visits when installing to check progress, ensuring a smooth installation process. We are also here to answer any questions an installer may have and ensure systems are on track for startup day.

Embracing Innovation in Education

With LG VRF systems, we’re enhancing educational spaces, creating a more comfortable and efficient environment for learning. This innovation sets the stage for a brighter educational future.

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