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Etobicoke Waste Transfer Station

The Etobicoke Waste Transfer Station project was a design-build where the engineer specified a different Air Handling unit combined with a 20-ton VRF condensing unit to provide heating and cooling. This specified product required electrical connections and disconnects, separate pieces that all need to be craned and installed by the contractor. It also required the contractor to do all field refrigeration piping between the (2) condensing units and the air handler.

A long lead time from the specified product allowed us the opportunity to present a new solution. We approached both the engineer (WalterFedy) and contractor (Process Group) with an alternate option from Envent/LG that provided the following benefits:

  • Envent factory installs the LG condensing unit and does all the control wiring and refrigeration piping at the factory
  • Whole assembly is factory tested
  • Single packaged unit that only required (1) crane lift
  • Single point power connection
  • (1) 20-ton VRF chassis vs (2) 10-ton chassis from the competitor – lighter unit and lower MCA/MOP
  • Better lead time

The engineer and contractor both really liked the solution we proposed and how much easier of an installation it was going to be vs the specified product and awarded us the order.

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Project Details:

  • Client: Etobicoke Waste Transfer Station
  • Contractor: Process Group
  • Engineer: WalterFedy
  • Manufacturer: LG & Envent
  • Date: 2022


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