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KML Windows

KML Windows in Strathroy needed an exhaust system for a chemical dip tank. This tank was to contain a highly flammable solvent used for treating wood in their manufacturing process. Working with the engineering team at Integrated Engineering in London ON., O’Dell aided in the design of a full ventilation solution for the space.

Given that this expansion would add potential dangers to a workplace environment, there were several requirements for our equipment to meet:

  • Maintain a safe working environment for the employee’s and surrounding environment
  • Meet or exceed the standards set forth in NFPA 34
  • Ensure intrinsic safety and chemical resistance of materials
  • Provide energy efficiency

The Solution

Working with PlasticAir, we designed and supplied two full fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) construction exhaust fans. These Skyplume fans where fabricated with:

  • FRP Construction for resistance to chemicals and long life expectancy.
  • Induced flow nozzles to ensure safe surrounding environment
    • Plume height – 34.23-ft (10-MPH crosswind)
    • Dilution ratio – 284.76%
  • Graphite lined – spark resistant construction complete with a grounding kit
  • Fans which were built to AMCA A spark resistant construction

Originally the plan was to go with one single roof mounted exhaust fan stack. However, to avoid roof structural costs, 2 smaller exhaust fans mounted on stands at the side of the building were provided. Not only did this allow the owner to save on structural enhancement costs, but it provided redundancy in the exhaust system, effectively enhancing worker safety. The two-stack fan arrangement is controlled only as required to maintain the vapour concentration in the space. Each fan was supplied with a variable frequency drive which varied exhaust airflow from the space as required, thus improving the overall system’s efficiency.

To complete the balanced ventilation system; O’Dell associates also worked with Bousquet to provide a custom make up air unit. This unit was 15000 CFM with a 1500 MBH drum and tube heat exchanger. In order to maintain a safe negative pressure inside the dip tank area, the unit was able to modulate down to 38% of its total airflow capacity and was supplied with an impressive burner turndown ratio of 31:1.

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