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King & Lyle Apartments, London

This 21-storey, 299-unit residential building is the latest highrise tower to be constructed by Medallion Corporation in London’s old East side.

The Challenge

This project included a tight time line, which meant we had to ensure we did our part to help the contractor stay on schedule.

We overcame this challenge by coordinating with the contractor, three separate shipments from Aldes.

The O’Dell Solution

All suites and lounge areas in this new highrise tower have been equipped with Aldes E130-HR energy recovery ventilators (ERVs). The E130-HR delivers impressive, drainless enthalpic heat-recovery performance in a compact, easy-to-install package that is only 9 ¼ inches in height.

E130-HR provides 133 cubic feet per minute of ventilation air at 0.20 inch water gauge of external static pressure, enough for even the largest units in multi-family construction.  Adjustment and balancing of airflows is simple as it is done with on-board speed pots. For smaller suites, the Aldes E80-HR is available.

The benefits of using ERVs include the following:

  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Enhanced thermal comfort
  • Quiet ventilation
  • Building envelope durability
  • Combustion appliance safety
  • Building compartmentalization, reducing the overall stack effect

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Project Details:

  • Client: King & Lyle Apartments


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