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GreenLeaf Productions Inc.

Project Scope

GreenLeaf Productions Inc. is one of the few companies recently licensed by Health Canada to extract CBD, THC and other cannabinoids from cannabis plants for Canadian cannabis and hemp producers. The high-security facility is located on the edge of St. Thomas, Ontario.

During the bidding phase, O’Dell was contacted by the contractor Comfort Zone Services. To stay within the client’s budget, we worked alongside Comfort Zone, and the engineering firm Strik Baldinelli Moniz, and we offered an alternate proposal for the mechanical and ventilation systems.

The Solution

O’Dell supplied a Valent VX-212-20D-M DOAS unit with gas heating and a direct expansion air conditioning (DX) cooling unit to service the ethanol extraction and processing areas, the testing lab and various other integral sections of the facility. The Valent unit was equipped with a gas burner with a high turndown ratio of 16:1 and digital scroll compressors for precision air temperature control for all seasons. Additionally, the unit was equipped with hot gas reheat to provide effective dehumidification capability.

Two separate, 8-ton LG variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat pump systems were supplied to service both the clean and dirty room areas. The flexibility of VRF allowed for independent temperature control of multiple spaces with varying loads and uses. With dedicated indoor units for each space, it also eliminated any cross-contamination concerns.

In addition to the main mechanical systems provided by O’Dell, we also supplied a variety of ventilation equipment including a 24,000-cfm PennBarry MXI mixed flow inline fan for emergency ventilation in the extraction room, charcoal filter housings and HEPA filter housings.

This project showcased O’Dell’s breadth of application knowledge and how we can deliver a first-class solution with our impressive product lineup.

Project Details:

  • Client: GreenLeaf Productions Inc.


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