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United Enertech

United Enertech designs, develops and manufactures mechanical and architectural air movement and control products, primarily for the commercial, industrial, and power generation markets. Their products include dampers, louvers, roof curbs, and rails, sunshades, drop plenum supply and concentric diffusers, access doors, ventilators, and UV products.

United Enertech has various options of fire and smoke dampers with rush availability to help ensure your project is completed on time. All of their dampers are UL listed to conform with CSA. With so many options available, O’Dell Associates is here to help determine which products meet your design requirements and to meet life safety standards.

In 2020, The Ontario Building Code had amended the regulations on Fire Dampers and Smoke Dampers. Learn from Cam, an O’Dell employee, about these new changes at the beginning of our United Enertech webinar.

When you work with O’Dell Associates, we will be able to guide you based on our technological knowledge of United Enertech and building codes to determine which product you need. We will also be able to guide you on the design and placement of where you need fire and smoke dampers.

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Note: Not all products are available at all our locations. Call now for availability in your area.


  • Easy to install with some detectors able to be built in
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Multiple products to meet every need

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