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Pace Air Systems

You expect high performance and reliability, PACE air systems deliver with configurable designs with a high level of engineering excellence. A wide range of cabinet sizes for application flexibility and industry-leading technology. The PACE tradition of engineering excellence, coupled with the ease of ordering, is tailor-made to today’s facilities.

PACE Air Handling

Quality Engineering at Project Speed

When you don’t need the complexity and cost of a custom air handling unit, look to PACE! PACE AHU’s offer exceptional flexibility and performance with reduced lead times and cost.

With an incredibly effective selection program, we can deliver your custom design solutions promptly. Complete performance, specifications, and AutoCAD drawings – SAME DAY!

These units provide incredible value, with the following STANDARD features:

  • Airflows from 1,500 to 60,000-cfm
  • 2″-R13 Foam Injected Panels
  • 1% leakage @ 8″ W.C.
  • < L/240 Deflection @ 8″ W.C.
  • Variable dimensioning for cabinet size flexibility

Exceptional component flexibility puts design control in the hands of the engineer!

  • Cabinet materials: Galvanzied Steel, Aluminum & Stainless Stel
  • Fans: Belt Drive, Direct Drive, ECM and Fan Array
  • Multiple energy recovery options: wheels & plate heat exchangers
  • Integral humidifiers

Put us to the test and let us show you how PACE delivers exceptional performance and value.

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