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Nagas product packs a lot of value into air handling.  Offering a comprehensive line of standardized gas fired makeup air (MUA) solutions with best-in-class technology.  Nagas also offers the incredibly efficient ABE regenerative core energy recovery unit, delivering up to 90% efficient recovery.  The ABE is the perfect fit for your next Net Zero, Decarbonization, or LEED project.

Regenerative Core Energy Recovery

ABE Series

Nagas ABE

  • 3,000 – 12,000 CFM
  • High Energy Recovery Efficiencies up to 92% Sensible and 87% Latent
  • Low Cross Contamination – Meet requirements of ASHRAE 62.1 for air class I, II et III
  • Designed to work from -40 °F to 104 °F and doesn’t required Defrost or Frost Prevention

Direct Fired MUA

With their standard SDME and SDM models, Nagas has your direct fired air handling requirements covered.


Nagas SDME

  • Up to 25,000-cfm
  • Gas inputs to 3,300-MBH
  • 25:1 turndown
  • • 1” neoprene (1.3lbs/pi³) insulation R‐4
  • Horizontal, downward discharge configurations


Nagas SDM

  • Up to 60,000-cfm
  • Gas inputs to 7,500-MBH
  • 30:1 turndown
  • Variable airflow capability with exceptional modulation
  • Horizontal, down & top discharge configurations

Indirect Fired MUA


Nagas LDE

Nagas LDE indirect-fired MUA with stainless steel tubular heat exchanger.

  • Up to 4,000-cfm
  • Gas inputs to 400-MBH
  • Up to 20:1 gas turndown for efficiency and comfort
  • Variable airflow capacities from 20-100% modulation
  • Horizontal & down discharge configurations


Nagas DTHE

When larger capacities are required, Nagas has you covered there too.  Look no further than the DTHE with stainless steel drum & tube heat exchanger.

  • Up to 17,000-cfm
  • Gas inputs to 1,875-MBH
  • Up to 31:1 gas turndown for comfort & efficiency
  • Variable airflows from 30-100% capacity
  • Horizontal, down & top discharge configurations

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