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Amidst the COVID19 environment, we’re seeing unprecedented measures by governments around the world to “plank the curve” and slow the spread of the virus.  Our healthcare systems can’t handle the projected number of cases should no measures be put in place.

What measures are you taking to create a healthy environment at your facility or office? When it comes to your HVAC system, O’Dell has the knowledge and tools to navigate these challenges efficiently. Let us help you…

  • Reduce time between patients

  • Mitigate airborne transmission of viruses and bacteria

  • Provide an optimal indoor environment for patients, employees & yourself

How Can We Address Indoor Quality?

Improved Filtration

Increasing filtration efficiency leads to a healthier environment, reducing the risk of infection.  Options for improving filtration include upgrading filters in existing air handling systems or installing a mobile filtration solution.

Mobile HEPA filtration units are an effective way to create a cleaner environment. They recirculate air within the room and remove airborne bacteria, viruses & particulate matter.  These units can be quickly applied to mitigate fallow time in dental offices as recommended with the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario.

A low cost, high impact solution is to upgrade you current HVAC system filtration efficiency.  You already change filters regularly, let’s get this right on your next scheduled maintenance call.

UV Treatment

UV treatment can be used for surface decontamination and/or airborne decontamination.

When designed correctly, UV surface disinfection systems can sterilize 99.9% of microbial contaminants within minutes.

Airborne disinfection are system installed in the duct work to maximize exposure and prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading throughout the building. We have the tools required to design the UV system to kill viruses and bacteria in up to a single pass.


The most effective way to improve indoor air quality is to humidify!

Science has proven that the optimal humidity levels for a space to reduce transmissions of viruses and bacteria and increase inactivation is between 40-60%.

Humidifying your clinic is a great way to show your patients that their health is priority #1. 

Solutions to Improve Air Quality


Improved Filtration

FreshAire UV ADS

UV Treatment

FreshAire UV ESDS

UV Treatment



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