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Shining new light on odour mitigation! Introducing a unique and safe oxidation technology for lift stations, wet wells and plant processes.

If you are looking for a sustainable way to reduce odours, H2S, VOC or airborne toxic substances, take a close look into ozone.

Ozone is produced on-site from the oxygen in ambient air, an abundant free-of-cost raw material. Nothing to purchase, transport and store. No handling and refills needed. No waste. No residues.

Ozonetech’s ozone systems also save time and money. The operation is automatic with minimal maintenance and very affordable operating cost.

The installation takes place smoothly. No plant rebuilding or production stop needed. And, you can be up and running quickly. The Ozonetech RENA Pro system is both turnkey and plug-and-play.

So if you are open for an alternative to thermic oxidation, bio filters and absorption solutions like scrubbers, there are real benefits that await.

The RENA Pro from Ozonetech is an in-house developed solution for industrial air treatment. It consists of a series of premium ozone systems suitable for a wide range of industries and purification needs and offers a production capacity up up to 0.5 kg/h.

High-Performance Ozone Systems

High-performance has a defined meaning: to over an extended period of time produce large quantities of pure ozone, free from impurities. This is the only way to treat large flows of contaminated air with sustained results. Small amounts of ozone in low concentrations injected in large contaminated air flows will not get the job done. And the only way to achieve high-performance is to produce the ozone from dry, pure oxygen (not humid ambient air) – and to cool the ozone generator using liquid – not air.

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