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Weed MD

O’Dell was approached by Nadalin Gunn & Associates, the lead mechanical coordinator for medical cannabis producer, Weed MD, to help with their new five-acre solar greenhouse transformation project. O’Dell was responsible for providing the fabric duct system that would supply conditioned air to the facility’s production spaces.

The Challenge

Compared to other cannabis production facilities, the Weed MD site is unique in that the sun itself will be used in production. An additional site condition included the requirement for low weight due to the existing loading on the roof structure. For Health Canada certification, various components in the production rooms were needed to prevent the chance of mold and bacteria growth and also to be cleanable. The short construction cycle also required a solution that could be manufactured quickly.

The O’Dell Solution

Together with Nadalin Gunn & Associates, the O’Dell Solution involved a site visit to the existing greenhouse before construction began in order to understand the unique requirements of this facility. Through consultation with various stakeholders, the resulting Prihoda Fabric Duct solution provided the following:

  • 10,300 linear feet of fabric duct providing over 780,000 CFM of cooled conditioned air
  • 2-month fabrication and delivery to site
  • 90% less weight than traditional round metal duct
  • Stainless steel support cables
  • Self-drying permeable fabric along the entire length to prevent condensation buildup
  • Machine washable fabric
  • A custom logo

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Project Details:

  • Client: Nadalin Gunn & Associates
  • Date: 2018


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