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Various Hotels – Auto-balancing Airflows

If you think balancing supply and exhaust airflows in high rise buildings, hotels, nursing homes, and offices can be a time-consuming task, think again!! Aldes has you covered with an easy to install product that is set to a specific airflow from the factory. The MR Mono constant airflow regulator has a modulating orifice that automatically responds to changes in duct pressure (stack effect, building pressure changes, etc.) without the need for any electric or pneumatic controls. This eliminates the need for on-site balancing.

The MR Mono is a great fit for hotels where there is a common exhaust riser for all the bathrooms. O’Dell has supplied these with success for a variety of hotels in Ontario including Staybridge St. Jacob’s, Holiday Inn Express Port Elgin, Holiday Inn Express Collingwood and Hampton Inn Belleville. In each of these hotels there is an Aldes MR Mono at each bathroom exhaust take-off set from the factory to 50 cfm.

How does it work? Constant airflow is achieved by the inflating action of the MR Mono’s bulb. At minimum static air pressure, the bulb is deflated. As the static pressure increases across the bulb, it inflates, thereby reducing the free area around the bulb. At the same time, the higher static pressure increases the air velocity, resulting in constant airflow. This occurs regardless of pressure differences in the range of 0.2 to 1.0 in. w.g. The MR Mono has an accuracy range of +/- 3cfm for nominal airflows <30 cfm and +/- 10% for nominal airflows >30 cfm.  The following are the sizes available:

Install? The MR Mono will push-fit into round ductwork and should be placed close to the take-off or terminal. It can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal arrangement.

Construction and Certifications? The Aldes MR Mono is constructed out of PC/ABS plastic and is UL2043 certified.

If you want to be able to adjust the airflow going through the regulator, Aldes has you covered for that as well with their MR Modulo. The MR Modulo has an adjustable dial where you can set the desired airflow with ranges from 12 cfm up to 385 cfm at varying diameters.

For more info, check out the Aldes WEBSITE or contact O’Dell today!

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