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University of Guelph – Food Innovation Building

Project Scope

The University of Guelph required a corrosion resistance exhaust fan for their labs in the Food Innovation Center.  They also had requirements for getting the exhaust high enough so as not to spread contaminates to nearby buildings.  Lastly, they wanted to recover some of the energy leaving the building.

The Solution

O’Dell and Plasticair worked with mcCallum Sather to come up with a custom design that meets all the project requirements.  The solution was a fiberglass reinforced plastic lab exhaust system from Plasticair.  The fan had the following specifications.

  • Full FRP construction with UV stabilizer
  • Double wall, insulated plenum with stainless steel access doors.
  • DMF-270 Bifurcated, direct drive exhaust fans.  Dual fan configuration for full redundancy.
  • SKYPLUME induction air nozzle to generate a high plume exhaust
  • Discharge air sound attenuators
  • Integral heat recovery coil to recover exhaust energy with ZERO cross contamination.
  • Lifetime warranty against rust

Plume Height in Cross Wind

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