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Rapid Novor – Plasticair Fume Exhaust

Rapid Novor found its new home in Kitchener’s Catalyst137 facility. Being in the business of health and sciences, they required a lab hood to remove contaminants used in their research.  Having already selected a hood, the owner called on M.A. Bryan (MAB) Engineering to provide the overall HVAC design.  In order to select the most appropriate exhaust fan solution for the hood, MAB called on O’Dell for support.

After reviewing the list of chemicals being used under the hood, it was determined that fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) material was most suitable for both the fan and associated ductwork.  FRP provides excellent reliability, durability and life expectancy when installed in processes using acids/alkaline, sulfide’s, chlorides and solvents.

Plasticair’s FRP BCMPA was the suitable selection to serve the lab hood.   The fan had an FRP stack to ensure chemical fumes were expelled away from the building. The overall fan construction included an FRP backward inclined wheel, teflon seal & shaft sleeve and carbon steel shaft with FRP sleeve will extend the longevity of the fan.  Going the extra mile, Plasticair also fabricated FRP ductwork, to ensure protection against any possible chemical fumes in the airstream.

Since it’s not every day that “tin whackers” install FRP duct, O’Dell, along with Plasticair, provided detailed installation support for a smooth install. FRP DUCT INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS



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