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Fischer Canada –  Three Storey Office

Project Scope:

Fischer Canada was looking at adding a new three story office addition to their existing facility in Waterloo.  They had committed to using in floor heat as their primary source of heat and were looking for a solution to provide cooling, supplemental heating, and ventilation for the space. They wanted a solution with the following;

  • A system that could be zoned and could provided heating in some areas, while cooling others.
  • A control system that allowed for individual control with central override
  • Something that required minimal space.
  • Energy efficiency

The Solution:

O’Dell worked with CoPa Engineering to come up with a solution to meet all these requirements.  This solution was an LG variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system for heating and cooling, and an Aldes energy recovery ventilator (ERV) for ventilation.  These technologies were selected on their energy efficiency capabilities.  This solution had the following specifications to meet the requirements:

  • A heat recovery VRF system was provided of the main office areas. This allowed full flexibility to zone the system however was required and allowed for simultaneous heating and cooling operation.
  • Each zone was given its own thermostat to control that area and a central controller was placed in the maintenance area for system override.
  • Since VRF does not require any large central duct runs, it was perfect for minimizing space used inside the building.
  • The Aldes ERV provided the ventilation requirements while recovering both latent and sensible energy from the building exhaust.

LG variable refrigerant flow (VRF)

Project Details:

  • Client: Fischer Canada


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